September 16 – 18, 2016 – Hidden Valley Outfitters – Lebanon MO

Friday morning we got up and headed to Lebanon MO for a chapter campout. This was a campground called Hidden Valley Outfitters. We had planned to go down on Thursday evening but Beth had a retirement thing to go to and considering it was a 3 1/2 hour drive we decided to go down on Friday morning. We had quite a bit of rain on the drive down. The sites on the campground are all level but the trees were just planted so it was essentially all sunshine lots. Friday afternoon the campground manager came around and told us that we should be ready to evacuate if the water kept coming up in the river. It had rained all day and there was concern that the campground might flood. Most of the group went to a restaurant at Bennet Springs State Park. They had an all you can eat buffet. We there about 1/2 hour and one of the members got a call from the campground stating that they were closing the campground and we should evacuate. We quickly finished what we had on our plates and headed back. We got the motor home ready to roll and about that time the manager came around and talked to the group and said that there was a misunderstanding and that we did not have to leave – just be prepared. We decided to stay. We put the jacks down, hooked up the electrical and put the bedroom slide back out. Since it had stopped raining the group sat out for quite a while and talked. I made several trips down to the river and could tell that the water was dropping.

When we got up on Saturday the skies were clear and the weather was beautiful. Beth and I and another couple decided to drive to Bennet Springs State Park. We looked at the gift store, checked out the campground, the trout hatchery and finally went to the springs. It was an interesting visit to the park. From there we drove into Lebanon and ate dinner and then went to the Case Knife store and finally to a candy store and antique store. Saturday evening ended with a pitch in dinner followed by a campfire.

Sunday morning we took the motor home back to LVL since we would be there the following weekend and then spent some time with a couple of our camping friends. From there we drove the car home. The weekend didn’t start out too great but it turned out to be a nice weekend.

Click on this link to see pictures from the weekend.

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