LVL – September 23 – 25, 2016

We spent this weekend at LVL. We got a good start but still arrived after dark. Beth took me up to the storage area so I could take the MH to the site while she went to registration and checked us in. I got up to the site and backed in without too much problem until I went around to where we hook up the water and electric and found about an inch of water on the ground. I had reported a leak the last two times we were on the site but nothing had been done. When Beth came up I showed her the issue so she went back down to see if we could move. She texted the new site to me so I moved it down two sites. By this time it was really dark but I put out a couple of LED lights on the edge of the patio and used that to back in. We finally got set up and went to sit by the fire for a while.

Saturday we got up and began to wash the camper. The awnings took most of the morning. The big awning and the two over the slides did not get washed in the spring so they were quite dirty. Got them looking very good. We took a break to eat and also went down to Gentry Hall to a Wings of Love show. It was very interesting. They had an eagle owl there. Looks very much like a great horned owl but bigger. They had if fly around the hall to show how silent it is. The rest of the birds could have drowned out any sound if it was making any. They didn’t like this large predator bird flying around. After the show we went back and washed the rest of the MH. Looks good. The next time we are camping we are going to wax as much of it as we can. Saturday evening we went down to the lodge patio for fireworks. The fireworks were in celebration of the 32nd year of the resort.

We got up Sunday morning and broke camp and headed for home. It was supposed to rain and also get hotter so we wanted to get home before it rained. Had a good weekend even though it was only a two day weekend this time.

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