September 30 – October 2, 2016

We are home this weekend. We had reservations but Beth wanted to participate in a craft show at church on Saturday so we canceled the reservations. I worked late on Friday night. Bunge, the company I work for, sponsors Safety Days at local schools. I stayed to help pack backpacks for an upcoming safety day. It was really a lot of fun. That evening, after I got home, Brian came over and power washed the railing on the deck in preparation for painting it. Beth and I left for a bit to take a table over to church for her craft display.

Saturday morning Beth got up and went over to church. I watched a little TV and then went to Menard’s to get some parts to fix a leaking toilet. Stopped at church to see how Beth was doing (not good) and then headed home. I got distracted by updated the FCRV MSCA web site and also updating the blog.

On Sunday we went over and got some paint for the desk railing and also some wood to replace a few of the boards in the deck. Spent quite a bit of the day working on the boards. Not easy to do when the screws don’t want to come out of the old boards. But we will get them… eventually.

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