A few updates for October

Well, I got behind again but I will try to hit the highlights. On October 8 we had Window World come out and put in a new entry door between the kitchen and garage and also a new sliding glass door in the basement. They did a great job on both. The kitchen door has been hard to close for over a year. I had tried to adjust it but just could not get it to fit correctly. In addition all the other doors on the first floor had been changed out to 6 panel doors and this one really needed to be changed also. The basement sliding glass door had a shattered pain on one of the inside pains. We had priced the cost of replacing the glass but that would be almost as much as a new door. Since I can work from home occasionally it works out well. We also scheduled a pest control outfit to come out and spray for spiders. We had seen some brown recluse in the basement and decided it was time. Since then we have not seen any. Time and money well spent.

On October 7 -9 we went down to LVL. This was again a bit of a working weekend. We spent most of the weekend waxing on the camper. We got the front done as well as all of the decals. But we did take time off for relaxing around the campfire.

October 13 – 16 we went on a chapter campout to Pin Oak Creek RV park. We went down on Thursday night. On Friday we drove into Union and ate lunch at the White Rose Cafe.  The sign on the window said “Landmark for 80+ years”. The food was good and the company was even better. On Saturday we drove over to a flea market just off I-44. Really didn’t see much we wanted although I did buy a Confederate flag. Not because I wanted or needed one but mostly because the liberals tell me I can’t have one. Saturday evening was trick or treating in the park. The whole group sat in a row and gave out candy. After the trick or treating we got together for a desert pitch in. I did spend some time off and on trying to put the tire monitoring system on the MH. But I found out that I needed valve stem extensions on the tire so I’ll try again next weekend.

October 21 – 23 we were back down at LVL. Friday night we went down to Gentry Hall. One of the members of the resort is a pianist and she played the score of Phantom of the Opera. It was quite enjoyable. There was just a bit of humor. Her husband would sit by her side and turn the page. He would then bend the next page just slightly to allow him to turn it easier when the time came. At one point he turned the page and she had to flip it back because he had turned two pages. I leaned over to Beth and whispered “He had ONE job…” She cracked up. On Saturday we went back to Gentry Hall for an Elvis Tribute Artist. He was good. Better on some songs than others. It cost us $2 per person but he sang for almost 2 hours straight without an intermission. Good, inexpensive entertainment. One song in particular was outstanding. He sang “My Way” and everyone was on their feet cheering. Sunday was a bit of a downer because all of the other campers in our group were winterizing their campers. Always sad to see the camping season end. I’ll finish up with one more post for October later this week.

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