Halloween weekend and beyond

We spent Halloween weekend at LVL. We took Friday off but instead of going down Thursday night like would normally do we went down Friday morning. It was a nice leisurely drive. Normally we rush down after work and try to get set up before dark – especially this time of year. Maybe a taste of what retirement will be like. A friend of ours came in later on Friday afternoon. We had not seen him in almost three years. His girlfriend came down later and we sat and talked. Saturday morning we drove them around for a tour. He has a membership but had not been down for three years and she had never seen the place. We went to the Halloween costume contest. There were a lot of costumes but none that I felt were really outstanding. We went to their RV for lunch and then sat there and gave out candy. We estimate that we had about 400 trick or treaters before we ran out (after 40 minutes). The trick or treating went on for another 80 minutes.  Saturday evening we had them over to our camper for dinner and then talked some more. It was an enjoyable weekend. On Monday, which was actually Halloween, we were not able to give out candy because we had church. Pastor Bob’s sermon was done in the first person as Luther talking about his 95 theses, etc. Very interesting.

On November 4 we went down to LVL and winterized the camper. It was really nice weather and almost made us wonder why we were winterizing it. But we got it done and drove it home and parked it in storage. Sad day. The next day, Sunday, Beth had to get up to sing at both services. I met her along with April, Brian and the boys at church for a sausage dinner. It was quite good. Since Beth had already gone to church twice on Sunday she didn’t go Monday night but I picked up April and the boys and we went. Even though camping season is over we will still go to Monday night service. Tuesday morning I stopped to vote before I went to work. Normally at that time the lines are short but this time the lines were rather long but they got us through quickly. I stayed up until about 11:30 pm that night watching the election results. I was fairly certain that Mr. Trump had won before I went to bed. I woke up about 2:30 and looked at my phone and found out that he had indeed won the election (although some people are still not convinced.) Guess I will stop at this point and try to post about last weekend later. Almost caught up.

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