The countdown begins

Had a meeting with my manager today and talked about a date. I was trying to get the end of February but he was leaning towards the end of January. And, in this case it is really the company’s decision. So, I have a date. After January 31, 2018 I will be unemployed. I have not been unemployed since I started working at Central Soya on December 16, 1968. I really have mixed emotions about it. The package was really good (especially for me) but it took the decision and timing away from me. But, I’m sure after I get past that last day all will be good. That last day is bound to be emotional for me.

This did help us with our planning though since now we are going to plan on going to the FCRV Retiree Rally in Tallahassee FL in March. It will be our first one and from what I hear it is better than the regular FCRV Campvention. So, I now have 50 more calendar days until I retire. Taking out weekends and a couple of vacation days during the holidays and there are only 32 more work days remaining. Yipppeeee.

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