Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas was both quiet and busy for us. Beth was quite busy singing at church. She sang at both of the Sunday morning services (12/24/2017). Then she sang at a 3:00 pm Christmas eve service and a 7:00 pm Christmas eve service. Finally, she wrapped up the Christmas weekend with a 9:30 am Christmas morning service. We celebrated Christmas with Scott and Jess on Christmas day. It was just the four of us since April and the boys went to Indianapolis. Beth and I both had the entire week off. We spent Tuesday at home and then left Wednesday morning for Fort Wayne. Had a good drive with not much traffic. We had a good visit with Kelly and the kids. Of course, we did manage to eat at both Mr. Coney and Coney Island while we were in Fort Wayne. On Saturday, we went out for a visit with Ron and Thelma. Had a good visit with them and then headed over to Saint Peters church for the 5:00 pm Saturday evening service with Kelly and the kids. We got up Sunday morning and headed home. Made a quick stop in Indianapolis to pick up Ethan from his great- grandma’s house. We expected a lot of chatter on the way home but he fell asleep almost immediately and only woke up when we stopped at Costco in St. Peters to fill up with gas. After dropping Ethan off at April’s we made a couple of quick stops and headed home. April and the boys came over at 4:00 pm for Christmas. April gave us each a painting (April did both of them) that was special in both the content and the fact that she was the one that painted them.

Central Soya logo and a reproduction of a long ago Christmas decoration

The picture on the left is a reproduction of a poster that Beth and I acquired many years ago from a Marathon station in Poe IN. The details of the acquisition remain our secret.

I don’t believe I have given an update on the driveway. It has been poured and we expected that we would be able to park on it beginning the Tuesday after Christmas. However, the weather turned quite cold and we got some snow so the guy came out and covered everything with tarps. He has not, as of January 1, come back to remove the tarps. So we are still parking on the street. I’m going to call him tomorrow and find out how long before he comes back and gets the tarps.

And, one parting bit of information. I now only have 30 more days to work.

Until next time… Have a Happy and Healthy New Years.

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  1. Shirley says:

    Sounds like you had a busy week. Glad you are doing your blog again.

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