Second half of January test

The HVAC company came out on Friday, January 19, and did the A/C install. They got here around 11:00 and finished up around 1:00. Did a good job. The weather was warm enough that they were able to charge the compressor with freon and test it for leaks. etc. We will have to make arrangements for the inspectors to come out yet but the HVAC company will send a postcard with information on how to go about doing that.

Beth finished painting and decorating the master bath this weekend. She has been working on it a bit at a time but started the painting last weekend and finished it this weekend. It looks good although the paint is a bit darker than we thought it would be. Makes the bathroom seem a bit darker overall but I think we will get used to it.

on January 24 we went and had dinner at Hibachi Grill. It is a Chinese buffet. During the winter months we get together with our camping friends once a month and this was it. Good to see them again.

On January 25, the company had a celebration for the 10 people retiring at the end of the month. Beth came over for the celebration and had lunch with me at the cafeteria an then I gave her a tour of the new building.  After the tour we went to the celebration. At one point they lined us up for a picture and then asked each of us to tell how long we had worked for the company. There were a lot of gasps when I said 49 years. Beth said one lady whispered “Did he say 49 years?”. They had cake and ice tea and flavored water. I was concerned about getting a bit emotional but I really didn’t.

When we got home last night we were both really tired from standing for over 2 hours. We ate and went to bed.

On Sunday, January 28, Scott, Jessica, April and the boys came over to celebrate my 69th birthday. It was a short celebration with cake and ice cream. I received some very nice birthday gifts. Three shirts and a retirement plaque. I also received a crystal computer paperweight type thing that does not photograph well.

Retirement shirt

Retirement shirt

Retirement shirt

Retirement Plaque

Monday, January 29, started my last week of employment. The days at work have been going very slow since I really don’t have enough to do since my successor is fully trained and doing all the work. On Wednesday, my last day of work, I got up at my normal time and went into work. I found my boss decorating my desk with a banner. I guess he thought I would come in later on my last day. I spent most of the morning accepting congratulations from my coworkers. My boss took me out to eat with three of my coworkers. I had hired three of the four (including my boss) and all four of them had worked for me back at Central Soya. We had a very good time talking about “the good old days.” When I got back to work they had a cake for me and shortly after that I left work for the last time. It was rather emotional for me when I left. I had been working for Bunge and it’s predecessors (Central Soya) for over 49 years and I will miss it. When I got home Beth was already there and watching TV. I sat down to watch and promptly fell asleep. My first retirement nap.

February 1, my first day of retirement. First thing I did was to go down and walk on the treadmill. Two years ago I was walking every day but had quickly got out of the habit. I was not able to walk for a long period but I hope to work up to the longer times and distances again. Next, I went to the social security office to apply for Medicare part B. I had to take a form in that said I had been covered by group health insurance. Waited for almost and hour and it took about 3 minutes of time. Oh well, I’m retired. Next, I stopped at FedEx and sent the form back that will get me the lump sum from the VERP. Finally, I went to the bank and deposited a check from the credit union.

On Friday, I went to the STL RV show to man the FCRV booth for three hours. It was a lot of fun. We had about three very good prospects for membership during that period of time. I went home and ate and then went over to pick up Beth at her work and we went back to the RV show and manned the booth for another two hours. We looked at some of the RVs but didn’t really look very much because we like the one we have and plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. We did drool over a couple of RVs that were in the $500,000 range. One was a 45 foot long motor home.

Saturday and Sunday we spent working in the basement getting things straightened out and a lot of stuff thrown away. I can’t think of anything else exciting that has happened but I should have time to keep up on the blog now.

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3 Responses to Second half of January test

  1. Ruth Everson says:

    Congrats on your career — it’s amazing and now many people can say they worked continuously for as long as you did. God bless your future retirement plans.

  2. Ruth Everson says:

    should have read “and not many people”

  3. Paul says:

    Thank you. I was shooting for 50 years (December 16, 2018) but like the Godfather, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

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